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Study resources for electronics and other subjects

Navigation If you are here for a specific subject, click on its name in the ToC to jump directly to it. Introduction There is a lack of any list of quality resources to study from for (mainly UG) electronics (ECE et al) students. The subjects are much harder than those of CSE counterparts. This means there are a lot of bad resources masquerading as quality ones and get high views, especially on YT, as they essentially serve as last minute prep for students at 3 AM.
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Why don’t they just make CPUs bigger and add more transistors so we can have 10 GHz?

Because they don’t work on magic. Some points are as below: It is very hard to build larger chips while maintaining good yeild, i.e., having less defects. When you scale your design up, with more transistors, interconnects, etc., the probability of defects increases. And since the entire chip has to work, your yeild is less as your chip is larger and you can’t discard a part of it, so you discard it all.
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