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Running keyutils tests

It’s not very apparent how to run the tests in the keyutils repo ( kernel/git/dhowells/keyutils.git - Key management utilities), especially if you don’t work on kernel areas like keyrings and watch queue. Running tests does require some kernel preparation. Searching on internet fetches you limited information. So I looked further what would cause some failures by looking at the test code. I was able to run all the test using the following config options enabled (you can paste in a file and then use the merge_config script, see my previous post):
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Kernel QEMU setup for development and debugging

Introduction Setting up kernel for debugging can be a confusing task for a beginner. It certainly was for me when I was starting out. In this post, I’ll outline a way to quickly set up your computer to compile and run kernels on the fly. You need to never hassle about it again, we will make aliases along the way so that you just have to use simple commands to do things.
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